Roger Stirk Harbour + Partners

Enabling true Digital Transformation with a 'bring your own device' strategy

the challenge

As a globally recognised architectural firm, Rogers Stirk Harbour & Partners (RSHP) is a hive of creativity and ingenuity but their aging email system was limiting them, particularly when it came to smartphones and messaging on the move. Still running on Exchange 2003, RSHP were overdue an upgrade. Despite putting plans for an upgrade in motion at the time, a lack of internal IT resource meant RSHP could not divert attention from systems that were considered more important for day-to-day business.

David Liu, IT Manager at RSHP, says: “We’re a small company with around 200 staff, but since 2010 only 3-4 IT staff”. Being tight on resource, “bluesource” were the natural guide to come in and help us push this project along.” As well as the sensible progression which an Exchange and AD upgrade represents, David says that both the IT department and management have been pushing for better connectivity for quite some time. He jokes that the IT department has been constantly pestered by staff wanting to use their own devices – “we had to keep saying ‘just wait a while, wait a while’!” laughs David, “but eventually we knew we had to do something, so that’s when we called for outside help.

the solution

RSHP knew that as part of an Exchange upgrade, they also needed to upgrade their Active Directory infrastructure as well. Once the new system went live, RSHP recognised that they needed additional technical support and so provisioned bluesource’s Extended Support for Exchange and Active Directory. This gave them an escalation path for any technical issues they could not remedy internally, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Along with the Exchange upgrade and Active Directory implementation RSHP wanted to tie in a ‘bring your own device’ strategy to satisfy employee demands and unlock the necessary creativity, push boundaries and deliver better, more innovative projects.


The main visible benefit of our new Exchange has been portable device access. As a creative architecture practice, it’s been very important to employees to be able to use their device of choice

David Liu

IT Manager

the results

With their new Exchange upgrade RSHP are now able to take advantage of multiple devices across their entire workforce. As a creative architecture practice having a mobile enabled workforce is very important to the company, its culture and is a stepping stone to growth and innovation.

There have also been some interesting business benefits:with staff now using their own phones and tablets more, there’s less pressure on the IT department to buy and manage new devices. This has the potential to translate into significant cost savings for the business, not to mention making life easier for a time-pressed IT team. Addressing this issue of limited internal IT resource, RSHP retains the expertise of bluesource’s Service Management Centre to provide 24 hour technical support and additional man power when they need it.

“Resource constraint was always an issue RSHP had to contend with, but choosing bluesource’s extended support proved to be indispensable – as the roll out was less than straightforward”


David Liu

IT Manager