Hoare Lee

Unlocking data with Enterprise Vault

the challenge

Since 2005, Hoare Lea has successfully used Enterprise Vault as an on-premises archiving solution for 800 users – working across its UK & Middle East offices. To more efficiently cope with both its corporate and data growth, Hoare Lea wanted to streamline its IT resources and liberate the in-house support burden. The company wanted to either upgrade to the latest Enterprise Vault, on-premises, or a cloud version. Additionally, the updated archiving solution needed to deliver more features that included powerful search functions, for data compliance – and lower storage and internal IT support costs.

The solution also had to ensure that email data was journaled in a compliant manner and offer eDiscovery capabilities, to assist with potential legal risks

the solution

Hoare Lea chose bluesource to advise and assist in the transition to an updated archiving solution. As Hoare Lea was happy with Veritas products, bluesource recommended that they move to Enterprise Vault.cloud – Veritas high performance cloud archiving platform.

The cloud option was deemed more cost effective and efficient for Hoare Lea’s needs than an on-premises solution and also delivered performance continuity. Crucially, being a fully managed service, the cloud solution would liberate Hoare Lea’s in-house support resources. bluesource used Akaibu Evolve to migrate 9 terabytes of Hoare Lea’s journal and email data to Enterprise Vault. cloud. Importantly, the data was delivered securely, with a full audit trail and was completed with no data losses

“Enterprise Vault has delivered on all its promises and has a great search feature – with the ability to effectively handle any potential data compliance and legal threat, and we no longer worry about funding our archive support staff”

Julian Beech

Head of IT

the results

Hoare Lea now possess a cost effective and efficient cloud archiving platform to support future growth by freeing up it’s internal team from running its archiving solution, allowing them more time and space to innovate and drive the business forward in addition, this has also reduced Hoare Lea’s in-house, archiving support costs by over 20%.

End users are now able to self-serve, and are now able to easily and independently access all stored email data, meaning that the  business can now swiftly respond to eDiscovery, compliance and audit requests, ensuring compliance in a timely fashion, reducing the risk of fines and reputational damage.

“they’ve been a real help to us throughout this project, demonstrating a high level of responsiveness and insightful recommendations

Julian Beech, Head of IT

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