Migration of on-premise workload to Azure

How bluesource can help you move your on-premise workload to Azure compliantly and in accordance with your Governance policies.

On paper, moving to an Azure environment is straight forward, however, if your organisation is regulated and requires you to adhere to compliance and governance legislation and policies, the move can be a minefield as Data Governance and Data Security introduces many complications.

Data Governance is a critical concern as without expert advice business users can very easily put their enterprise data at risk by allowing unauthorised data access and malicious or accidental interference – bluesource can help mitigate against such risks.

Furthermore, by working together we will ensure you’re able to better capture, classify, tag, discover and review your data wherever it is, speeding up compliance requests and investigations, and giving you the peace of mind.
Some of the reasons organisations engage us and seek our help, particularly in the field of Azure migration governance, are:

  • High volumes of multi-source data resulting in data inconsistencies
  • Low quality of data
  • Need for standardized policies of data access
  • The rise of Self-Service Analytics and “data democratization” across the enterprise
  • Regulatory compliance requirements, such as GDPR
  • The critical need for a common data vocabulary for cross-departmental Data Analysis
  • The need for enhanced organizational metadata

To help address these areas, our expert team commonly help organisations design, implement, and manage Azure environments that enable:

  • Better management of the data lifecycle
  • Retaining of the security context with the moving data to ensure uniform implementation
  • Better tracking of Metadata for enhanced data value resulting in quick access to data
  • Better tracking of multiple instances of same data
  • Development of policies for Data Integration and Data Transformation
  • All data to have an assigned SME
  • Management of developed Data Models

In addition to data governance, data security is another minefield for regulated organisations that want to move to Azure. This is because Cloud service providers do not typically control data access or password updates, so without expert advice your business data is always vulnerable to outside attacks. By working together we can help minimise and mitigate such risks.