Archiving and Journaling

Your information, your way

Inside every business there’s some risk trying to get out. There’s the ongoing risk presented just by operating efficiently in the digital, connected, mobile world. Stacks of risk. As your business grows, so does its potential exposure through more online activity (cloud-delivered business applications and mobile workforces in collaboration) and more devices on its network (endpoint access is a common hacker favourite).

Then there is the risk that any organisation or business runs just by being an organisation or business, regardless of size. Certain standards apply. Certain responses are expected if a business is ever asked to present in court. Information is not just for the benefit of the business, it’s for everybody’s benefit if it becomes relevant in, for example, litigation.

This is not a new concern posed by data laws and regulations; it’s the modern version of that time-honoured adage that ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law. Your information must be in good shape all the time. You must know how to access it. You need to be confident that you’re doing the right thing. Above all, if you’re ever under the microscope, you must be able to produce sound audit trails in a timely manner.