Monitoring as a Service

Always on, always alert

The cyber world can be a dangerous place. Networks, systems and applications offer dense undergrowth for hackers to conceal their activities and launch all-out attacks, or just stealthily breach your data. This is where cyber criminals hang out. They’re patient and persistent. They choose their victims carefully; pouncing on the least protected, the easy take-down, the most unsuspecting. They move fast. This is not a place for any business to wonder into alone.

bluesource Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) continuously tracks certain states of applications, networks, and systems. We’ll monitor your most valuable IT assets 24/7/365 alerting you to bandwidth overload, virus or malware notifications and critical system updates.

If you don’t have the skilled resource or the time to constantly monitor your own IT and network environment, bluesource can do it for you. Sound easy? That’s because it is. The bluesource Security Operations Centre serves like a guardian over your environment so that you don’t have to. If anything happens, we’ll let you know. Even if it doesn’t, we’ll provide regular reports on status to give you ongoing confidence.

We’ll actively monitor and analyse logs and alerts across all your infrastructure devices in real-time, providing early detection of new security vulnerabilities and recommendations of essential remedial actions. Our automated testing procedures search for unauthorised access to administrative services and the need for updates wherever required. We’ll also undertake new patches and install new service packs as and when they become available; keeping you always secure and confidently compliant.

How MaaS can help you

A proactive managed service alerting you to changes and critical events before they impact your wider infrastructure and organisation.

Our MaaS solution is available as a trial.

•Vulnerability management

Vulnerabilities exist anywhere; in firewalls, Web servers, FTP servers, CGI bins, and operating systems. We’ll find them and mitigate the risk

Intelligent log centralisation

We’ll create a security baseline and pounce on any event that violates the established threshold

Continuous patching and upgrades

We’ll keep your systems patched and application software upgraded; hackers can often enter a system simply because upgrades aren’t in place


Our security engineers are always looking for threats in the system and when they find them they analyse, remediate and report

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"As always, very helpful, quick and pleasant. Their knowledge of monitoring systems very comprehensive and invaluable in this case" Nick Odonell, BLM
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