Your information, your way

Microsoft delve integrates with SharePoint, Yammer, and Exchange to bring your company’s complete collaboration landscape within its line of sight. Every document and every presentation everywhere can be easily discovered.

Your users can easily surface content across the Office 365 suite, with Delve tools:

  • Intuitive dashboard: Highly visual panel for getting to information fast; to documents that users are collaborating on, to documents that colleagues are working on. Work-in-progress takes on a new meaning as all work can be progressed faster, from a more informed place, in a better supported way.
  • Rapid search: Users can search documents more easily and search across your company’s employee profiles database on Office 365 profiles to find the most appropriate people to collaborate with. They simply search by clicking on an individual’s name or picture to see documents currently in progress to learn more about the individual’s skills-sets and background.
  • Permissions control: Delve retains permission policies. Users access only the documents they already have access to. Other users cannot open private documents for which they are not authorised.

The information you need at your fingertips

Harness successes

Don’t reinvent the wheel with every new venture or document. Delve’s machine learning captures previous progress to save time in moving forward

People first

bluesource put your users at the centre of all solution designs, delivering real business value through real-time productivity tools

Design and deploy

Our expert business communications consultants tailor each solution to your specific needs and the platform of your choice; cloud, on-premise or hybrid

Secure, protected information

We help protect your valuable business information, and support the essential housekeeping and due diligence essential for compliance and security

Microsoft Delve, in two minutes

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