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Together with the British Standards Institute we have developed a joint range of GDPR assessments to help you manage and maintain adherence to EU data protection standards. These offerings will enable organisations, using Microsoft and Veritas systems, to take best practice action – by understanding the data risks that they create for others, and how these can be mitigated – in a secure and compliant way. Options include a compliance assessment that identifies an organisation’s GDPR state of readiness, and solutions that help optimise the control, visibility and responsibility of data.

Our compliance assessments cover a wide variety of IT solutions, from on-premise solutions, shadow IT and assessing the security of your Office 365 environment. We’ll look at your unstructured data, who has access to it and the health of that data as well as classification types.

Known as the “security partner of choice” at Microsoft we’ve been doing compliance and governance for over 17 years, when we get clients to that compliant place, we keep them there with regular check-ins and our Compliance as a Service offering. We regularly run our own independent research to gain insights into the technology and security eco-system so that we’re always ahead of the curve, if  you’re ahead of the curve, you’re ahead of the risk, take a look at our recent GDPR survey, the results are featured on Computer Weekly


Our two most requested compliance assessments are listed below.

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Option 1 – Compliance assessment

The next level up, we’ll do a full data inventory as well as a gap analysis, a cloud review, encryption requirements and we’ll look at what data sits outside of your governance policy


Investment required: £10,000

Option 2 – Compliance & governance with BSI

The “daddy” of assessments, inclusive of everything in the data inventory and compliance assessment, we’ll also look at any Shadow IT, your people and processes.



Investment required: £22,000

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Why bluesource for compliance

The four reasons why you should chose us to help you get compliant and stay there!


Our consultants are some of the best in the business, we’re the only UK partner to have hands on experience with Microsoft’s latest eDiscovery tool – Equivio

We're not jumping on the bandwagon

We’ve been delivering secure, compliant work-spaces for over 17 years, this isn’t new to us, it’s been our bread and butter for nearly two decades, we cared about security and compliance way before GDPR


We’re the only UK cloud consultancy to have partnered with the British Standards Institute, delivering even more value to our clients


We’re the go-to firm whenever Computer Weekly or IT pro portal need input or technical guidance for articles and blogs, if they trust us, you can


we focus on your IT, so you can focus on your business

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